Disadvantages of CGI animation

  • With the popularity of different films such as “Jurassic Park”, “Lord of the Ring”, “Shrek” and “Toy Story”, the computer animation get into focused. Computer animation is used in number of different fields. With the lot of advantages of CGI, there have been a lot of disadvantages. These are as follows:

    • CGI animation requires special programs and expensive hardware in order to process and obtain the data.

    • In order to perform the CGI animation, well skilled technical animators are required.

    • Bringing and creating a realistic environment is one of the hardest tasks to perform.

    • In CGI animation if the tasks are not done properly then it leads to major disasters.

    • Bu using GCI it is difficult for one to make a truly real human figure such as body part, hairs etc.

    • All the tasks should be handled cleverly. The problem in one part can cause an issue in the overall creation.

    Computer technology is getting fast day by day. People are introducing new things in this field, such as 3d kitchen. There are a lot of enhancements occurs in the field of computer science. The development in computer science especially in the field of graphic designing leads to the creation of CGI.

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